Patient Information

lung-function-testTo ensure that patients are assessed as completely and conveniently as possible, Professor Bryant has a full lung function testing laboratory in his office. This means that patients do not need to be referred elsewhere unless there is a need for highly specialized testing.

Breathing tests can also be done for referred doctors without the need for a medical consultation. A form is set out below which can be completed and either faxed or emailed for a prompt appointment or, alternatively, a telephone call can be made to the office. The original form should be given to the patient as it contains instructions about the appropriate preparation for the tests which are simple to perform, are not painful or unpleasant, and do not involve the collection of blood samples.

Tests Available

Lung function tests

These include spirometry for the assessment of asthma and disorders of the airways, tests of lung volumes and diffusing capacity, respiratory muscle strength and endurance, upper and lower airway testing for disorders of the larynx and trachea, expired NO to assess asthma control, and 6 minute walk tests to assess breathlessness, as well as oxygen status. More detailed testing can be arranged on request.



There are other tests which require detailed preparation (such as progressive exercise testing to assess fitness or the cause of breathlessness) or bronchoscopy (the inspection of the lining of the airways of the lungs while the person is sedated and unaware of the procedure) which involve an admission to the Day Surgery Centre at St. Vincent’s, which can be easily organized as the need arises.

Assessment for home oxygen

Assessment for home or portable oxygen is done at the time of the consultation. This generally involves the taking of a small blood sample.