prof-bryant-homeSpecialising in diseases of the lungs, their causes and treatment

General Approach

Professor Bryant has had extensive experience in the assessment and care of people with lung diseases and breathing disorders. He has a particular interest in the ongoing care and support of his patients and has a total approach to treatment and health, be it for a temporary ailment, one that is chronic, or those that might prove fatal. Both he and his secretary will do everything that is possible to ensure that each patient’s medical care is a smooth and as free of anxiety and discomfort as is possible.

Work-related Lung Disease

work related lung disease

In recent years it has been increasingly recognized that many lung disease are either aggravated or are caused by workplace exposure to agents that, at the time, may have seemed harmless.

There is also increasing concern about the role of climate change and lung health. Professor Bryant has had an active interest in these area for many years and is the chairperson of the Medical Authority of The Dust Diseases Board of NSW which assesses the applications of workers in NSW who believe that they may have been injured as a consequence of dust exposure in the workplace.

Special Interests

special interests

His special interests include the role of allergies, pollution, work-place exposure, stress, fitness and diet as causes of illness in his patients. In order to make assessment and care as easy as possible we offer a full range of diagnostic tests at the time of your appointment so that the need for further appointments elsewhere is minimized for both cost and convenience.

Another special interest is writing books about non-medical subjects. He has researched and written a book, complete with photographs, of his experiences in Papua New Guinea as a young medical student as well as several books about the early history of the colony of NSW and of his family, as well as another book concerning the experiences of his parents-in-law who lived and worked on Ocean Island in the period leading up to the outbreak of the Second World War. He has also written, and had illustrated by his friend Robyn Ross, several books of stories for his young grand-daughters. FREE DOWNLOAD HERE

Why Kindness Matters

why kindness matters

When people are unwell they often face uncertainty, vulnerability and fear. They then look to their doctors for expertise, guidance and compassion. At such times doctors have a unique opportunity and privilege to provide the highest possible standard of medical care with kindness, dignity and compassion. Professor Bryant is a firm believer that, by doing so, we enable people to take control of their own health, to better manage their fears and uncertainties, and to achieve a better health outcome.

Skilful Care

skillful care

While emphasising the importance of kindness as a priority of care, Professor Bryant offers quick and easy access, not only to a full range of diagnostic lung function tests in his office at the time of your consultation, but prompt and convenient access to all of the state-of-the-art  diagnostic facilities of St. Vincent’s Public and Private Hospital and St. Vincent’s Clinic. He regularly discusses the care of more complex cases with his colleagues both in  these institutions and overseas to ensure that world class care is achieved.